Email marketing is an effective channel for practices to communicate and promote to a wide audience. It allows you to speak directly to your existing and potential patients in a personal manner. This form of online marketing gives a great opportunity to increase enquiries and build a relationship.

Here are my top 4 benefits of email marketing:

1) Engaged audience

The GDPR regulations that came into place in 2018 have placed stricter rules on who you can and cannot contact via email. Practices now have to have express permission to contact potential patients through email. While this means your mailing list will be smaller, those recipients in your list have explicitly asked to be contacted by you. Therefore they will be more open and willing to engage with direct mail from your practice.

2) Instant marketing messages

Email marketing is immediate and functions in real time. Once you press send on the campaign, it will appear within the recipient’s inbox within minutes, wherever they are. This is perfect for time-limited special offers and targeted marketing. Unlike Google ads, the message is sent directly to your potential patients, rather than waiting for them to search for a key term.

3) Analysis

Each campaign can be closely monitored. Email marketing platforms provide a variety of metrics to measure success, including open rate, click through and retention rates. You can switch up your content and call to actions and compare the results month on month.

4) Patient communication

Email marketing can be used to connect with potential patients at every stage of the decision-making process. You can target potential patients with offers, communicate with existing patients throughout the treatment, and persuade patients back to the practice after to let them know of new treatments and offers.



9/01/19 | FEATURED, Marketing

9/01/19 | FEATURED, Marketing

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