The New Year is an exciting time and the perfect opportunity to put goals in place for the coming year. As always, your website and online visibility should be a priority. SEO is evolving faster than ever, so keeping abreast of the trends is a must this year.

Page speed

Back in 2018 Google announced that page speed was a ranking factor, saying that the large impact it has on user experience is very important. This is not going away as we start 2019, with Google placing more weight on the user experience of websites. Sites now need to be simple and speedy on all devices and networks.

Quality content

Google has always placed emphasis on content, leading to the famous phrase ‘Content is King’. This year it’s set to continue with a larger focus on content that meets the E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) criteria. So, it’s more important than ever in 2019 to work on your content and really show off your knowledge and expertise in the dental industry.

LSI keywords

LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords are those words and phrases that are contextually related to the main topic on your page. If you are trying to rank for ‘Dental Implants Bournemouth’ the content should also include terms and phrases surrounding the subject, rather than stuffing the main term into the site as many times as possible. Google is clever. The engine can now read website content in a much more human way, mimicking the way we talk, think and ask questions. So ensure your page content is reflective of this and write as you would speak. It’s a good idea to write a list of related phrases and try and include these naturally within the text.

Voice search

The use of voice search is continuing to grow, and it has been suggested that by 2020 30% of browsing will be through voice. Voice is a major trend for 2019 and should be in your mind when optimising and writing content your site. Do this by including FAQ style questions, making use of title and header tags, writing content in a human way, and using long tail keywords.



10/01/19 | SEO

10/01/19 | SEO

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