Instagram is a photo sharing app which allows users to assign filters to photos and share them with followers.

How can you improve your Instagram page for your practice?


  • Use your practice name for SEO purposes
  • Include your URL in the bio
  • Describe your business in the bio
  • Show your personality
  • Use the practice logo for your main logo image
  • Keep the bio updated


  • Create and use a brand #hashtag
  • Identify and use trending #hashtags
  • Use #hashtags for events
  • No more than 20 hashtags per post
  • Be specific and relevant
  • Help others find your content


  • Ask questions and create discussions
  • Hold competitions
  • Create regular themed posts
  • Ask patients to tag and mention you
  • Have employees follow and mention you


  • Post video sneak peeks
  • Offer behind the scenes look
  • Create tip videos
  • Ask followers to take action


  • Add your Instagram link to other marketing material
  • Add button/feed to the website
  • Include buttons in email marketing



8/01/19 | Marketing, Social Media

8/01/19 | Marketing, Social Media

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