Specialising in gum related treatments, the only one of its kind in Surrey, Surrey Periodontics have been the expert for almost 20 years. The team provide themselves on their outstanding quality of care, whether you’re attending for a routine check-up or for an extensive implant procedure. Their standard of care is centred around your care, comfort and concerns. The dentist in Byfleet recognises that some find the dental process more stressful than others, and so offer IV sedation to help make the procedure as relaxing and comfortable as possible.


Dental Implants

A more secure alternative to dentures, dental implants are artificial teeth employed to replace missing or failing teeth. A dental implant comprises of two components: the implant which replicates the root, sitting below the gumline, and the crown, which is secured to the implant.

The process of dental implants in Byfleet starts by an assessment to ensure that this procedure is suitable for you and your needs. Once this has been established, a titanium screw will be fixed into your jawbone, mimicking the function of a natural tooth root. There is then a recovery period of approximately 12 weeks to allow the bone to fuse to the fixture, a process called osseo-integration.

Once the periodontist is satisfied that the bone has healed nicely, the crown, which looks, feels and acts like a normal tooth, is fixed to the implant.

The benefits of dental implants in Surrey is that you can eat what you want without having to worry about chewing, this helps keep your jawbone and surrounding teeth strong and healthy as dentures can weaken them.


If you are concerned about missing or failing teeth, don’t let your smile suffer. The dentist in Surrey can help restore your grin. Contact a member of the team today to find out more information or book an appointment!


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18/11/21 | dental implants Byfleet, dental implants Surrey, dentist Byfleet

18/11/21 | dental implants Byfleet, dental implants Surrey, dentist Byfleet

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