It can be really frustrating when you pour a ton of money into a marketing campaign, to receive an enquiry that doesn’t convert into treatment. There are some ways to tackle this issue though.

1. User experience

There’s multiple stages to a customer journey. The main two that would cause a prospect to visit your website are: Research and Buyer.

Research – This is where the prospect is looking at the treatment to learn more about a procedure and whether it is the right fit for them. The sort of search terms that the prospect will be using in this scenario will be along the lines of ‘Teeth Whitening’ or ‘Teeth Whitening Before and After pictures’. Providing your website ranks at the top for these search terms and the landing pages have the right information on them, you may be able to turn this ‘researcher’ into a ‘buyer’.

Buyer – A buyer mentality is where the prospect will come away from looking at research aspects of the site, and more at things such as pricing, special offers and testimonials. The buyer mentality is usually the mentality the prospect is in when they go ahead with treatment. The sort of search terms you can expect from someone with a buyer’s mentality are ‘Teeth Whitening Prices’ ‘{Dental Practice} Reviews’ ‘{Dental Practice} Contact Details’.

Having web pages set up to ensure that the user finds exactly what they want means that they’re less like to submit an email or a phone call whilst being in the research mentality. The last thing you’ll want is for somebody to be on the phone to your receptionist asking a ton of questions about Root Canal when they could have just easily found it on your website.

The best way to tweak your user experience to improve on the enquiries quality is to set up your web pages to include as much of the useful information as possible. This means having:

  • Treatment Info (Including the process)
  • Pricing
  • Special Offers
  • Testimonials + Before and Afters
  • Contact Forms and Contact Details
  • FAQ’s

With this abundance of information, you can direct prospects to the page and may even find that the amount of calls of ‘just asking questions’ drastically reduce and only the phone calls and emails of prospects that want to go ahead for treatment come through.

2. Identify high converting keywords

In the previous point I gave examples on what the sort of search terms that ‘Researcher’s’ will use and ‘Buyer’s’ will use. Obviously the ‘buyer’ keywords are more valuable; but there are many other keywords that I haven’t mentioned that buyers will be searching. From a digital marketing point of view it is down to whoever runs your marketing to identify these keywords and rank the relevant page as high as possible for them. Providing the landing page has been optimised to convert then you should find that this leads to a nice boost in quality enquiries.



8/03/19 | Blog, FEATURED, Marketing, SEO

8/03/19 | Blog, FEATURED, Marketing, SEO

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