Edinburgh Dental Studio offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments. These could improve your smile dramatically. If you have any chips in your teeth, cracks in the teeth or worn teeth, discoloured teeth, or gaps in your teeth, there is a treatment to fix this.

The dentist in Edinburgh offers FREE cosmetic dentistry consultations with one of their dentists. They will carry out a smile assessment and discuss which procedures would be the best for you. There is also an online e-consultation where they can get back to you with suggestions.


Dental veneers are very simple and offer a great solution to a multitude of teeth issues. If you would like to change the shape, size, position, or colour of your teeth and achieve a natural-looking, beautiful smile, then dental veneers are a good option for you.

A veneer is a very thin layer of man-made material, which is attached to the front of the patient’s teeth. Often used on the upper and lower front surfaces of the teeth, they are usually made from porcelain, composite or ceramic. There is often very little preparation time if any, and the process is relatively quick and painless.

What is the dental veneers process?

It often takes two appointments for your veneers to be fitted, although depending on what needs to be achieved it could take a little longer.

Initially, the dentist must prepare the existing tooth or teeth. They remove a small amount of enamel from the tooth’s surface. This creates the space for the veneer to sit on your existing tooth perfectly. The dentist will then take an impression of the tooth so they can custom make your new veneer. The shade of the veneer is colour matched perfectly with the existing teeth, so it doesn’t look out of place.

Approximately one week later, the veneer is ready and is ready to be attached to your existing tooth. Once it looks perfect, it will be attached with a dental adhesive.

Dental veneers are made from strong and durable materials and if they are looked after properly, they can last for many years. It is not advisable to bite down on very hard foods as it can damage the veneers. Also, habits, such as chewing on ice or bones, fingernail or pen biting can damage them and should be avoided.

Composite Bonding

Another great option to correct mis-shapen teeth, crooked teeth, gaps in your smile, or chips in the teeth is composite bonding. It is said to produce a more beautiful and youthful smile by improving the shape of the teeth. There is little tooth preparation required and no anaesthetic is usually required.

A composite material is bonded to the edges of the teeth. It takes around 1-4 hours to complete the treatment. First, the teeth are cleaned. Dental gels are then placed on the tooth to hold the composite in place. The composite material is then added in layers and is shaped to the tooth. It takes a professional dentist with great skill to layer the materials correctly to make it look perfect. A UV light is then used to set the composite material. Afterward, the teeth are smoothed and polished.

Maintenance of teeth and some repairs may be necessary over time. This can be more frequent if you clench or grind your teeth or if you drink teeth-staining drinks, such as red wine and coffee, or smoke a lot.

If you want to find out more about composite bonding and whether it is right for you, more information can be also be found on the Colgate website.

If you are unhappy with your teeth in any way, there will be a cosmetic dentistry solution that suits you and your budget. Please contact the friendly team today on 0131 226 3725 and discuss your options.


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20/07/20 | Composite bonding Edinburgh, Dental veneers Edinburgh, Smile Makeover Edinburgh

20/07/20 | Composite bonding Edinburgh, Dental veneers Edinburgh, Smile Makeover Edinburgh

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