Aesthetique Dental Care is one of the leading private dental clinics in the UK, who are also one of the most technologically advanced clinics in the North of England; using cutting edge techniques to improve and maintain your smile. The dentist in Leeds have invested in a digital iTero Invisalign scanner so that teeth can be scanned without the need for molds, as well as a CT scanner which takes accurate scans so that more detailed dental plans can be made. Aesthetique Dental Care take pride in being a friendly and easily accessible dental practice, offering lunchtime, evening and weekend appointments so they can be flexible for their clients.

Teeth Straightening

Aesthetique Dental Care offer numerous methods of teeth straightening in Leeds for people who are unhappy with their teeth and are lacking confidence due to crooked, twisted and uneven teeth or gaps.

One option is six month smiles which offers a discreet, efficient and cost-effective option for a beautiful smile. It targets only the teeth that show when you smile meaning it is a quick and obvious treatment. Although they are a discreet option, they are not ‘invisible’ like some treatments but are created from white-coloured braces and clear brackets.

One of the main benefits from this treatment is that it is suitable for most teeth-related issues including spacing, overbites and rotated and protruding teeth.

Before receiving this treatment, the dentist will need to do x-rays and impressions to determine that this is the most suitable procedure for the client’s issues and can be carried out safely. Custom brackets and braces will then be produced, and the dentist will then apply them to the teeth. You will need regular appointments to ensure that you stay on course with the treatment. After the treatment has ended, you will need a retainer to ensure that the teeth stay in their place.


Also know as the ‘invisible brace’, Invisalign in Leeds provided by Aesthetique Dental Care is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments which has been used successfully by millions of people worldwide. Because of their unique 3D technology, Invisalign promises highly predictable and precise results, alongside shorter treatment times.

The treatment works by taking impressions of teeth and then showing you how we would expect them to move and what the end result may look like. Custom aligners are then produced, and each set is worn for approximately 2 weeks for 22 hours a day, taking them out to eat and drink. One of the advantages of this treatment is that they are more comfortable than fixed metal braces as there are no metal parts to rub the inside of the mouth.

Whilst every mouth is different, treatment usually takes between 12 – 18 months, with some patients only requiring them for 6 months.

Afterwards, it is highly recommended that the patient wears a retainer at night to prevent the teeth from reverting to their previous state.

Inman Aligner

Designed to correct adult relapse and misaligned teeth, the Inman Aligner is barely visible except for one single clear wire and is removable. The Inman Aligner can correct moderate crowding and rotation of teeth and is more comfortable to wear as it utilises nickel titanium rather than stainless steel and treatment can be achieved from between 8 – 16 weeks. However, the Inman Aligner can only correct the top and bottom front teeth, whereas Invisalign can correct all your teeth. This method incorporates a lingual coil spring that applies pressure at the back of the teeth that require repositioning and a bar that is placed across the front of teeth reciprocates the same pressure. Altogether, this ‘squeezes’ teeth together by pushing and pulling them into alignment.

Lingual Braces

This method is similar to traditional bracket and wire braces, except they are almost entirely invisible because they are placed on the back of the teeth facing the tongue rather than front-facing.

Brackets are placed onto teeth at the same time to properly correct misalignments and the wires connected to each bracket require some customization to serve each patient’s individual needs. A perfect fit with this method is essential as the brackets and wires are more challenging to install.

If you are interested in making an appointment with the Aesthetique Dental Care team or just talking through some of the processes in more detail, then do contact them.

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11/08/21 | Dentist Leeds

11/08/21 | Dentist Leeds

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