The dedicated team at The White Bridge Clinic has comfort at the forefront of their services. They ensure a pleasant, relaxed, and stress-free dental visit. The team get to know their patients to deliver the best care possible to suit individual needs.


The dentist in Kidlington will listen to your needs and create a treatment plan to both restore and enhance your smile and oral health. It offers general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry with all the latest dental innovations. This is particularly pertinent with their pain-free dentistry techniques.


Pain Free Dentistry


Quicksleeper 5


Dentistry has evolved, and at The White Bridge Clinic in Kidlington it is a realistic expectation to have dental treatments delivered in a pain-free, relaxing manner. The clinic offers Quicksleeper 5, which is an innovative, computerised anaesthetic system. This clever device enables the patient to have just one or several teeth anaesthetised quickly and painlessly and eradicates the numb lips and cheeks associated with the old injection techniques. It is particularly beneficial for those people who have a fear of injections.




Many people suffer from a fear of the dentist, and dental anxiety can stop people from receiving the dental care they need. If this relates to you, then dental sedation could be the answer. With intravenous sedation, the patient becomes drowsy and unaware of the treatment, but they can still communicate and interact with the dentist.





Trios Intraoral Scanner


To replace the traditional dental putty moulds that so many people hate at the dentist, The White Bridge Clinic has invested in a state-of-the-art digital scanner. This scanner takes thousands of photos of the teeth and jaw, resulting in a perfect vision of the jaw. This means there is no discomfort from putty moulds being taken but also the impressions are far more accurate than conventional impressions.


Smile Makeover


If you are unsure where to start to improve your smile, or have always wanted a particular treatment, it is still a good idea to discuss a smile makeover. It is an exciting journey and a great opportunity to get the smile you have always dreamed of.


During your initial consultation, the dental team will discuss what treatments are best suited to help you achieve the results you are looking for. This can involve a subtle change or a series of treatments for more dramatic results. From easy teeth whitening to complete coverage provided by crowns, they can offer a range of treatments to help with cracked, crooked, or dull-looking teeth.


The types of treatments on offer include:


  • Teeth whitening – a safe process to brighten up your smile.


  • Orthodontics – teeth straightening, including Invisalign, discreet invisible aligners.


  • Composite Bonding – tooth-coloured restorations can be added to teeth, often without drilling and injections.


  • Veneers – a natural-looking minimally invasive way to improve teeth.


  • Crowns – a durable way to cover all kinds of tooth defects.


  • Dental implants/Bridges – fixed, custom-made devices to fill in gaps from missing teeth.


If you are interested in getting any dental treatments in the Oxfordshire area, call the team at The White Bridge Clinic on 01865 951 861, and they will be happy to make an appointment for you to chat things through further.


The White Bridge Clinic – dentist in Kidlington


140 Oxford Road




Tel: 01865 951 861





11/08/21 | Dentist Kidlington, dentist Oxford, Smile makeover Kidlington, Smile makeover Oxford

11/08/21 | Dentist Kidlington, dentist Oxford, Smile makeover Kidlington, Smile makeover Oxford

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