TwentyOneDental is a dentist in Brighton& Hove that promises to change your perception of dentistry and offers you the best in comfortable and pain-free treatment at its award-winning state-of-the-art surgery.

The practice specialises in implantology and computer-guided implant placement and offers the most advanced digitally guided implant technology in the UK. The accuracy of the technology available eliminates any errors and is a service that also attracts patients from around the UK and worldwide.

TwentyOneDental is an elite digital dental and implant clinic that has developed a well-earned reputation for its superior standards with the benefit of a 3D digital scanner.

A free no obligation consultation booking is available for anyone considering dental implants. The consultation is with one of TwentyOneDental dentist’s in Brighton & Hove highly experienced and friendly implant experts.

During the visit you will be able to learn about process, explore all the options available to you and get an idea of the likely costs from the start.

Digital dentistry

TwentyOneDental is a leading dentist in Brighton & Hove and is the South Coast’s only fully digital facility with the benefit of its own on-site laboratory. It is able to offer same day crowns as well as computer guided implant placement.

When it comes to dental implants having the benefit of a 3D digital scanner provides patients with an exceptional level of digital accuracy that prevents manual errors. The accuracy not only creates a great result but helps reassure patients and provide total confidence where nothing is left to chance. The on-site laboratory means that everything is completed to perfection.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a safe, well-established treatment and will last for as long as you look after them – just like natural teeth.  A titanium screw Is placed into the jawbone to replace the root of a tooth. This is then used to support one or more false teeth.

The Oral Health Foundation says that placing an implant is often easier that taking out a tooth and the procedure is usually carried out using a local anaesthetic. The condition of the bone in your jaw is a factor and tests are done to see if there is enough bone and it is healthy. Usually the false teeth are fitted three to four months after the implants are put in.

Dr Adyl Asani is the leading Implant Surgeon at the dentist in Brighton & Hove and the Clinical Director and owner of TwentyOneDental. Adyl is highly respected as a surgeon in the field of dental implantology. He is totally committed to advanced technology in the use of digital dentistry for dental implants. It’s one of the reasons Adyl and his team are recognised as leaders in providing world-class treatments.

If you would like to meet Adyl or a member of his team to discuss your options and the benefits of digital implants or any other of the treatments including adult orthodontics, teeth whitening and facial aesthetics then contact TwentyOneDental today. O% finance is also available to patients.


TwentyOneDental – Dentist in Brighton & Hove

Digital Dentistry & Implant Clinic

21 New Church Road

Brighton & Hove


 Tel: 01273 202 102








27/11/19 | Dental implants Brighton, Dental implants Brighton & Hove, Dental implants Hove, Dentist Brighton & Hove, Dentist Hove

27/11/19 | Dental implants Brighton, Dental implants Brighton & Hove, Dental implants Hove, Dentist Brighton & Hove, Dentist Hove

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