Title tags, or Meta titles, dictate how your website shows within Google results. They are the title of the webpage, and Google will display this within the SERPs to searchers. The search engine results will typically display 50-60 characters of your tag, so it’s important to include the most relevant keywords to write an eye-catching, interesting title for each page.

Title tags and SEO

Title Tags are a key part of SEO. Google uses this content to determine what your website is about, and therefore where and what to rank it for. Writing title tags is an effective and simple way to optimise your website for the search results.

Best practice for writing title tags

Most SEOs agree that a title tag should include a keyword or phrase and a location indicator for local SEO purposes. For example, a basic Title Tag for a practice trying to rank in the Bournemouth and Poole areas might look like this:

Dentist Bournemouth | Cosmetic Dentistry Poole

This shows Google (and potential patients) what the website is about, helping the site rank for these terms. It’s important not to include too many Keywords however, to avoid ‘keyword stuffing’ and looking spammy to the searchers.

Should brand name be included within the title tag?

There has been some debate amongst the SEO community about the importance of including the brand name within the title tag. As we know, there is limited space within the area, so some feel that using space with your practice name is wasted, and should be used for more valuable keywords and locations.

However, Google is changing the way the SERPs behave. With rich snippets and knowledge graphs taking up more space there is much less room for your practice to grab searcher’s attention. Your Title Tags really need to display the right message to grab the attention of potential patients.

Google is also becoming more focused on authority and trust, giving priority to the big brands out there that receive large volumes of searches and clicks. You may have noticed corporates, directories and NHS pages creeping further up the SERPs recently, negatively impacting the smaller practice visibility. So, it’s more important than ever to think about brand awareness to make sure your practice stands out in the SERPs.

Building brand awareness

One way to build brand awareness and drive clicks to your website is to include your brand name within the Title Tag of your homepage. By doing this, you will be building bran awareness and also gain the attention of those patients that might have heard of your practice beforehand through word of mouth or other marketing methods. It also clearly shows that you are a dental practice as your brand name will stand out in the results. For Example:

Dentist Bournemouth | Cosmetic Dentistry Poole | XXX Dental Practice

By adding the brand name you are confirming to potential patients that your site is for a dental practice, rather than giving generic information about dentistry for example. One thing to keep in mind is the length of your title. You may need to cut down on the other keywords used or think about a shortened version if you have a long practice name.

Google has said that including the brand name is ‘fine’ as long as other keywords are also included. And it’s always worthwhile doing what Google is suggesting!

If you need any help with branding or writing Title Tags get in touch!



11/03/19 | SEO

11/03/19 | SEO

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