If you’re a dental practice and you’re wondering how to rank outside your local area, then I have some news for you pal. You don’t. At least, not easily. You may find that some Dental Practice’s websites are ranking for numerous local search terms with different areas specified.

Let me tell you why this may be:

  1. The local areas have really really low online competition.
  2. Their SEO is really really good.

Usually these two go hand in hand and I can’t imagine there are many instances where a website ranks without both of these factors under their belt.


Yeah, I’ve personally ranked dental practices in multiple areas too. This is how I did it:

Telling Google why the practice should rank in multiple areas.

Google cares about the user at the end of the day. If a user is looking for a local dental practice then Google wants to show practices that are local to the user. So why should Google rank your website above a competitor who’s clearly closer and therefore potentially more relevant to that user? Well, in Google’s ideal world, they wouldn’t. But if you were to make a local business listing in that local area (effectively showing Google you have more than one location) then you may find that Google starts ranking your website in that local area.

Anti-Spam note:

Don’t go and make a business listing now in a area that you want to compete with pointing back to your new website. If you want to rank organically in a competitive local area, simply understand that you should open a practice in that local area. Google aren’t going to rank you for people looking for a nearby dentist when you’re not nearby. Your best chance to rank is to have the best SEO possible, and pray that is it enough to rank for those areas.


Fortunately, with marketing, there are usually workarounds to most issues. If there wasn’t, you can be sure that us marketers will work our butts off to find them.

So the workaround to rank in a local area that you’re not located in is to run PPC Campaigns. These allow you to specifically target traffic in certain areas to win the traffic and subsequently, the enquiry.



22/03/19 | SEO

22/03/19 | SEO

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