Having a strong headline for your blog is absolutely essential. What good is all that precious and informative content you spent hours crafting if you haven’t got a powerful & intriguing headline to reel in your audience?! I will list below each section which contributes to producing that golden headline that will drive traffic to your posts!

Word Balance

When creating a headline, the overall structure of the vocabulary is divided into 4 sections:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Emotional
  • Power

The tip here is to have a nice balance of words that are related to the categories above.

“BUT! I don’t know any emotional/power words?!”

Don’t worry, ‘Co-schedule’ has created a list of words into a very pretty PDF from each category which you can essentially use as a cheat sheet the next time you’re about to publish a blog! Just click here.

Length analysis

Now you have a wide selection of strong words you can use, it’s now time to make sure you get your headline the right length. Here are a couple of things you should note to help you.

  • Headlines which are 55 characters long tend to earn the best CTR.
  • Try creating headlines which contain between 6-8 words to improve its SEO value.
  • When skimming headlines, users tend to read the first and last three words.
  • Make sure you include searchable keywords and phrases.


Now, this is the fun bit! Once you believe you have created the strongest headline you possibly can, it’s time to test it!

Co-Schedule offers a brilliant headline analyser tool which will review and dissect your headline and give you an overall score. It’ll suggest improvements you can make and also show you a preview of how your headline would look in Google search results as well as email inboxes. It also keeps a history of previous headlines you’ve analysed which you can use as a benchmark when trying to obtain the highest headline score you can!

Tip to remember: Regardless of how amazing your headline is, your content will need to be related. Your headline is the intriguing entrance but the content is the party!



26/02/19 | Blog

26/02/19 | Blog

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