Do you have missing teeth or gaps in your smile? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Approximately 27 million adults in the UK have at least one missing tooth in their smiles.

Missing teeth can occur for various reasons, it could be that you had an accident, an illness, or a sporting injury for example, or sometimes it can be from dental decay. Whatever the reason for the missing tooth, Hallcross Dental Implants in Leicester, can help fix the issue.

One of the most well recognised treatments for fixing missing teeth in a smile is dental implants. They are an alternative to removable dentures. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or several teeth.


There are many advantages to dental implants: –

  • Durability – they are as strong as your natural teeth and should last for many years if well looked after
  • Great appearance – they look and feel like your own teeth
  • Comfortable – they are comfortable in your mouth and will not slip like dentures can
  • Easier Eating – you can eat your favourite foods without restrictions as they are strong
  • Better speech – speech is often improved as speech can be impeded by missing teeth or dentures
  • Better self-esteem – having missing teeth can knock your confidence, so having them replaced helps build the confidence back up
  • Convenient – as they are so like your natural teeth, they have all the convenience that your natural teeth bring

If you are interested in dental implants in Leicester you can book a free consultation with a highly experienced and friendly team at Hallcross Dental Practice in Wigston. The dental implant system is a safe and reliable method for replacing teeth. The team use market leaders in the field Nobel Biocare, who are renowned for being the highest quality providers in the industry.

The treatment is carried out by dentist Dr Jay Patel, who is highly experienced and has specialised in surgically placing and restoring dental implants. He has nearly 20 years’ experience in placing dental implants and his caring and gentle approach is able to put even the most nervous of patients at ease.

If you would like to find out more about dental implants, you can book a FREE CONSULTATION on 0116 288 2029 or email the practice directly.

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25/06/20 | Leicester dental implants

25/06/20 | Leicester dental implants

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