Generally, Google Ads are more successful. Google brings in much more traffic, has a plethora of tools allowing you to target market segments and for many companies, brings in a nifty profit from many additional customers. However, this isn’t the case for all businesses. Many businesses find that Facebook Advertising is the way forward in their paid advertising efforts, and there’s a good reason why!

Google advertising

Google Ads are mainly split into two networks. The Search Network, usually seen at the top of the SERP’s; and the Display Network, commonly seen on websites or YouTube videos (They’re usually the banners advertising a product/service).

A business that relies heavily on visual selling will tend to find that the Search Network doesn’t work out well for them. It’s kind of like a clothing store advertising clothes in their shop window using signs like ’Clothes Inside’. Even though clothing stores do slap a ton of offers on their shop window, they’re usually accompanied by Mannequins covered in the best looking outfits. This analogy can be used to explain why the Search Network doesn’t always work out as well as other channels for businesses that rely on visual selling.

The display network

The Display Network can still be utilised for visual selling aspects; but statistically the Display Network has proven to have a lower conversion rate than other channels of marketing.

Facebook advertising

Facebook has a large number of tools that allow you to customise your adverts. These tools can be really useful if you have a lot of high quality, well designed images of your product/service.

There’s loads of really nice, well thought out designs that are made to capture the user’s attention on a lot of news feeds out there. If you find that you’re not a very savvy designer, then check out Crello and Canva ”“ they have a bunch of free examples and allow you create customisable images on a canvas which is perfectly fitted for Facebook Ads (and other social media images).

These image heavy adverts that appear in user’s news feeds can be enticing. Personally, I’ve purchased a lot of clothing that I’ve seen advertised in my news feeds. I probably wouldn’t have bought them if I just saw a text ad saying ’We sell clothes’. Hence why Facebook advertising can be much more profitable than Google Ads for clothing brands!

Additionally, Facebook has a lot of audience targeting features. These features are slowly growing, so hopefully they’ll start matching Google Ads in terms of customisability.



25/01/19 | Marketing

25/01/19 | Marketing

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