207 Dental Care has built a reputation for excellence in dentistry since its launch over 60 years ago. Situated at the heart of Manchester city centre the practice attracts loyal, long-standing patients who appreciate the high-quality service it provides.

 Ideally located for office workers who don’t want to spend too much time away from work, the aim of 207 Dental Care is to care for each and every one of its patients as though they are family members.

 Adult Orthodontics

 Besides a full-range of dental treatments from a basic check-up to teeth whitening and dental implants 207 Dental Care also offers adult orthodontics.

 Adult orthodontics, a treatment for straightening misaligned teeth, is for anyone who missed out on the treatment when they were younger or would like to create the smile they always wanted. There are treatment options that can help produce a great smile in as little as six months.

 Six Month Smiles

 If the idea of wearing a fixed metal brace for months on end is not for you then Six Month Smiles can offer a solution that’s affordable and discreet. It provides results in a shorter time because it focuses on the front six to eight teeth that show when you smile.

 Advanced technology is used to concentrate on the cosmetic appearance of the front teeth rather than the position of your bite used in more traditional teeth-straightening methods.

 Customised clear brackets and tooth coloured wires are used to gently realign your teeth. The process begins with a consultation and the creation of a customised treatment plan.

 The dentist will then take impressions of your teeth to create the brackets and wires that, once ready, are then put in place. Regular checks and adjustments are required every 5-6 weeks.

 After treatment you will need to wear a fixed or removable retainer to keep your newly positioned teeth neatly in place. Six Month Smiles in Manchester is an affordable option offering a comfortable straightening process that’s not only discreet but faster than traditional orthodontics.


 Smilelign uses the latest 3D CADCAM technology to create a series of clear braces that move teeth in small increments until they are in the right position.

 This latest method in adult orthodontics in Manchester lines up your teeth to improve your smile and move teeth to achieve optimal results. There are no metal brackets and wires making it a comfortable and easy to use method that is both invisible and affordable.


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17/09/19 | Adult Orthodontics Manchester, Dentist Manchester, Six Month Smiles Manchester, Smilelign Manchester

17/09/19 | Adult Orthodontics Manchester, Dentist Manchester, Six Month Smiles Manchester, Smilelign Manchester

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